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SOUTHWOOD RG7 7-Spit Gas Rotisserie, NG/LP, Casters

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    SOUTHWOOD RG7 7-Spit Gas Rotisserie, NG/LP, Casters 

      The RG7 Commercial Rotisserie is a 7 Spit, 35 Chicken Commercial Chicken BBQ Machine featuring heavy duty 430 Series steel construction, high BTU burners with ceramic bricks. Each motorized spit runs independently in either direction with on/off switch, allowing you to cook a full or partial batch as needed. The drip drawer allows for the straightforward disposal of drippings and will hold water for added humidity. All unit comes ready to use with ceramic bricks and 7 spits with skewers. Cook time for a 3.5lb bird is approximately 50 minutes.


      • Side hinge cover-covers gas components for a clean look
      • Continuous cooking
      • A large wall of product merchandising
      • Individual gas control per burner
      • Large drip pan for catching drippings
      • Safety wire grid on the bottom of rotisserie
      • Gear mechanism outside of heat & grease zone