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OPEN BOX Electrolux Tilting Pressure Braising Pan, 208v/60Hz/3ph - NEVER USED!

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OPEN BOX Electrolux Electric Tilting Pressure Braising Pan, 208v/60Hz/3ph - NEVER USED!

Electric Tilting Braiser & Pressure Cooker - Sold New for $24,495+!

Main features

• Pressure braising tilting pan with polished chrome nickel plated bottom (316 stainless steel). Thickness of bottom 7/10″ inch plated with 3/25″ inch stainless steel.
• Low energy and space requirements.
• Roasting, pot-roasting, braising, simmering, boiling, pressure cooking and steaming.
• 5.8 psi of saturated steam pressure.
• The bottom remains free of distortion and cracks even due to cold water quenching.
• Double –skin structure of both panels and lid to reduce heat dispersion.
• Lid includes safety mechanism when cooking under pressure. Lid cannot be opened when under pressure for safety.
• Actual cooking/holding temperature setting and digital display.
• Timer with digital display.
• Built in food temperature sensor for precise control of cooking process (bottom of pan or in vessel when lid is closed).
• An electronic microprocessor control system with digital pre-selection of food cooking temperature, cooking time, starting time and automatic pressure nullification by steam condensation.
• Automatic detection of boiling or braising cycle.
• “Frying” operating mode with temperature over 230° F.
• “Cooking” operating mode with temperature equal or lower than 230° F.
• A SOFT setting for a gentle heat input, for delicate products thus avoiding undesired spillage.
• A HOLD setting where the food is initially cooked then held at a pre-set temperature.
• Cooking with a pressure of 5.8 psi reduces cooking-times by approximately 40%.
• Heat-insulated: limited heat radiation and low energy consumption.
• Motorized and variable tilting. Titling and pouring speeds can be precisely adjusted.
• Offset tilting axle for convenient pouring height.
• Large directional pouring lip.
• Added safety: external heat-insulated paneling.
• Smooth large surfaces, easy access for cleaning.
• All pan internal surfaces ground and polished.
• Pan tilts over 90° for complete emptying/cleaning.


Supply voltage:
583308 (GXWHOEOOOO)      208 V/3p/60Hz - 44A
583309 (GXXHOEOOOO)       240 V/3p/60Hz - 38A
583310 (GXYHOEOOOO)       480 V/3p/60Hz - 23A
                                               Total Watts: 18.2 kW

Key Information

Distance to floor of pouring lip when tilted:         19-1/16″ (485 mm)
Saturated Steam pressure:                                     5.8 psi (0.4 bar) MAX
Working Temperature:       120 °F (50 °C) MIN      482 °F (250 °C) MAX
Pan useful capacity:            38.3 gal (145 liters)
Width of Pan:                      39″ (990 mm)
Height of Pan:                     11-7/16″ (290 mm)
Depth of Pan:                      19-5/16″ (490 mm)
Net weight:                         750 lb (340 kg)
Shipping weight:                 794 lb (360 kg)
Shipping width:                   70 7/8″ (1800 mm)
Shipping height:                 43 5/16″ (1100mm)
Shipping depth:                  47-1/4″ (1200 mm)
Shipping volume:               84.039 cu.ft (2.38 m3)

No clearance needed on rear or sides of unit if wall is of non combustible type. If wall is combustible, minimum 2″ (50 mm) wall clearance should be maintained.
Water fill faucet/shower to be mounted close to unit for filling and cleaning (not supplied).