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HOBART LXeH Undercounter Dishwasher 120/240v 60Mhz 1Ph (OPEN BOX)

by Hobart
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HOBART LXeH Undercounter Dishwasher 120/240v 60Mhz 1Ph (OPEN BOX)
Please Note:  This unit is an OPEN BOX model, never used, and comes with a 90-Day Warranty.  Price includes Sidewalk-Drop SHIPPING.
  • 32 racks per hour – LXeH
  • 34 racks per hour – LXeC
  • .74 gallons of water per rack
  • Hot water or chemical sanitation units available
  • Low chemical alert indicators
  • Sense-A-Temp™ booster heater capable of 70° rise, provided on LXeH models
  • Delime notification with cycle
  • Chemical pump “auto-prime”
  • Service diagnostics
  • Deep drawn stainless steel tank
  • Microcomputer, top mounted controls with digital cycle/temperature display
  • Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms
  • Revolving upper and lower rinse arms
  • Removable stainless steel scrap screen
  • Corrosion resistant pump
  • Automatic pumped drain
  • 17" door opening
  • Automatic fill
  • Detergent and rinse aid pumps standard (plus sanitizer pump on chemical machine)
  • Electric tank heat
  • Two dishracks – one peg and one combination type


DESIGN: Front opening, equipped for installation in either freestanding or undercounter-type operations.
CONSTRUCTION: 300 series stainless steel tank, door and top panel.
PUMP: Centrifugal-type, integral with motor, horizontally mounted. Pump capacity 38 gpm.
MOTOR: Single phase, furnished for all electrical specifications. Factory sealed lubrication. Inherent overload protection with auto reset.
WASH AND RINSE CYCLE: Complete automatic type, controlled by solid-state electronics. Cycle may be interrupted any time by opening door. Cycle continues when door is closed.
• Initial cycle fills wash tank, to be recirculated each wash cycle. Some wash water is drained off before rinse cycle. Rinse cycle refreshes wash water and tank heat.
RINSE PUMP: Powered by a single phase motor, the rinse pump is made of high strength engineered composite material.
• LXeH: Sanitation is accomplished by means of a built-in booster heater designed to raise temperature of water to a minimum of 180°F from an incoming water temperature of 110°F.
• LXeC: Sanitation is accomplished by injection of proper amount of sodium hypochlorite solution (liquid bleach) into final rinse water to achieve a minimum of 50PPM sanitizing solution. Injection of sodium hypochlorite is accomplished by a built-in sanitizing chemical pump.
PUMPED DRAIN: Machine automatically drains water through a built-in pump. Maximum 38" drain height permitted.
RACKING: Machines accommodate racks from 10" x 20" to 20" x 20". Also accepts 16" x 18" cafeteria trays.