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MILAN TOAST 18027 Double-Slice Conveyor Toaster, 110v

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MILAN TOAST 18027 Double-Slice Conveyor Toaster, 110v


This commercial conveyor toaster easily toasts over 600 bread slices per hour and is perfect for hotel breakfast bars and busy kitchens.

Not only does its 9.8-inch wide conveyor belt fit 2 slices side-by-side, but its 2-inch opening accommodates a variety of products, not only bread slices but also bagels, english muffins, texas toasts or buns per customer request. This toaster can dispense the slices from the front or back on the included chutes (rear output with a special chute available on request).

Ideally situated in hotel breakfast areas or self-service restaurants, this simple to use conveyor toaster can be used by your customers directly, significantly reducing the amount of time you might otherwise spend toasting bread manually.


Cold external stainless-steel structure and conveyor belt and quartz heating elements that guarantee immediate heat up and a perfect toasting results without drying out the products and a long-lasting performance. Stainless-steel, full-length, dishwasher-safe crumb tray.


With the BUN function, you can activate only the lower heating elements, in order to heat the products without toasting them. Belt speed is adjustable, in order to select how long bread is toasted, determining the final coloring and crispiness. 

removable front guide helps the product load safely, ensuring that each slice is pulled directly into the unit for efficient and consistent toasting. 


Low power consumption in relation to performance – only 2.1 kW/H